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Eligibility and General Guidelines


Blood donation serves as a selfless act that contributes to community well-being, with a constant demand for up to 36,000 units of blood daily in the USA. While health institutions encourage this noble deed, it’s essential to understand the guidelines, particularly in relation to body art like permanent makeup.

Age and Weight Requirements

To be an eligible blood donor in the USA, individuals must be over 17, with 16-year-olds accepted with parental consent. Donors over 18 need to weigh at least 110 pounds, with additional weight/height restrictions for 16-18-year-olds.

Health Conditions and Diseases

Certain conditions, such as AIDS or HIV, type 1 diabetes, blood cancer, coronary heart disease, pregnancy, and nursing, disqualify individuals from blood donation. Homosexual men can donate after 12 months after their last sexual encounter. All donated blood undergoes thorough testing to prevent disease transmission.

Fitness and Wellness

Donors should be in good overall health, avoiding donation during illness or suspicion of illness, and ensuring the safety of both the donor and the recipient.

Acceptance of Body Art

Contrary to common belief, individuals with tattoos, piercings, or other body art are eligible blood donors after a specific deferral period. This precautionary measure aims to prevent hepatitis transmission.

Acupuncture and Blood Donation

Similar rules apply to acupuncture, with a waiting period before blood donation to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

Deferral Period for Permanent Makeup

Individuals with permanent or semi-permanent makeup fall under the body art category. Yes, you can donate blood, but it’s crucial to adhere to regulations regarding the time elapsed since your last treatment or touch-up appointment.

Waiting Period After PMU Treatment

A minimum of four months must pass from the date of a permanent makeup treatment before donating blood. It’s advisable to check the official health department guidelines in your state, as deferral periods can vary.

International Variations

Deferral periods vary globally; in the UK, it’s four months, while some countries impose a six-month wait. In the USA, the deferral period is 12 months, excluding tattoos done at state-regulated facilities.


Understanding the intersection of body art and blood donation is vital for those with permanent makeup. By adhering to deferral periods and guidelines, individuals can contribute to this noble cause without compromising safety. Always stay informed about regional regulations to ensure a seamless donation experience.


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