Eyebrow Trimming: Tips, Tools, and Best Practices

A comprehensive collection of best practices for eyebrow trimming with scissors and clippers, plus tips for men’s brows and grooming tools recommendations.

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Trimming with scissors or other tools is one of the easiest, most convenient ways of grooming your brows. It’s quick, efficient, and leaves you with natural-looking, tidy arches.

Eyebrow trimming is suitable for both men and women and can be done in a few different ways. PMUHub brings you all the best tips, as well as some great tool recommendations. Let’s dive right in!

Eyebrow Trimming at Home Vs. Eyebrow Trimming in a Salon

You can trim your eyebrows on your own or go to a salon or a beauty parlor for a professional brow trim. Each option has its own pros and cons. Let’s explore them both in a little more detail.

Eyebrow Trimming at Home

DIY brow trims certainly have their good sides, including cost-effectiveness and full control of the results. They have some cons, too, though. Let’s take a closer look:

Pro: Convenience

Trimming your eyebrows at home lets you do it on your own schedule, in the comfort of your own home. There’s no hassle with making an appointment, commuting to a salon, or trying to squeeze it in between other daily to-do’s. 

Pro: Cost-Effectiveness

Trimming your eyebrows at home is overall more cost-effective in the long run. You only need to invest in basic tools such as scissors or eyebrow clippers, which can be reused multiple times. Just remember to keep them clean.

Pro: Full Control

You manage the entire process. You can trim your eyebrows to your desired length and give them whatever shape you prefer. You alone decide everything, from arch design to managing hair density.

Con: Risk of Mistakes

When you do everything on your own, there’s a higher risk of messing something up, such as over-trimming or creating an unnatural arch shape. This is especially likely to happen if you lack experience or haven’t learned the proper technique.

Con: Limited Expertise

You may not have the same level of knowledge as a professional esthetician or trained eyebrow stylist. This could result in less precise or less polished results.

Eyebrow Trimming in a Salon

Going for a professional brow trimming session has some unique advantages. It saves you time and effort, and you can get additional services to really boost your eyebrow game.

Here’s a closer look at the good and the bad of getting your brows groomed at a salon:

Pro: High Expertise

A trained esthetician or eyebrow stylist in a salon has the education, training, experience, and proper tools to groom your eyebrows with precision and accuracy. They’ve already accumulated all the practice hours that you would need to put in on your own.

Pro: Customized Results

A professional can accurately assess your facial features and brow bone configuration. They can combine that with your personal preferences to create a customized eyebrow arch that complements your face shape and enhances your overall appearance.

Pro: Additional Services

In a salon, you may have access to additional services such as eyebrow tintingthreading, or waxing. This can give you a more comprehensive eyebrow grooming experience and a more glamorous final look.

Pro: Time and Effort-Saving

Visiting a salon for a brow trim can save you time and effort. You don’t have to worry about gathering tools, perfecting your technique, cleaning up, or anything else.

Con: Total Cost

For all their great benefits, salon services for eyebrow trimming can be more expensive both in the short and long-term. On top of paying for the immediate service, you will likely need to make ongoing appointments for maintenance.

Ultimately, the choice between eyebrow trimming at home or in a salon depends on your comfort level, budget, and priorities. If you need fabulous brows fast, go to a pro. If you just want a neater look on the daily, it’s worth it to learn how to do a good brow trim on your own.

What Is the Best Way to Trim Eyebrows?

Trimming your eyebrows is a personal preference, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The best brow trim for you will vary depending on your eyebrow shape, thickness, and personal style.

If you’re unsure or uncomfortable with doing it yourself, you can always go for a professional eye brow trim. But if you’re going to DIY it, you should follow certain steps to get the optimal result. Let’s take a look at them in order:

Gather the Right Tools

You will need a pair of eyebrow scissors, clippers, or a trimmer, a mirror, and a spoolie brush (a clean mascara wand or eyebrow brush will work).

Identify Stray Hairs

Use the spoolie brush to comb your eyebrows in the direction of their natural growth. This will help you see the long hairs that need to be trimmed. Look for any that stick out or are longer than the rest. These are the ones you will trim.

Trim the Stray Hairs

Using your preferred tool, carefully trim the long hairs in the direction of their natural growth. Avoid cutting eyebrows too close to the skin, as this can create an unnatural look.

Also, be careful and only trim a little at a time. You can always remove more if needed, but you can’t put the hairs back if you trim too much.

Assess the Situation

After trimming, use the spoolie brush again to comb through your eyebrows and see if you achieved the look you want. If there are any long hairs remaining out of place, this is your chance to trim them down.

Clean Up

After you’re done trimming, use a clean spoolie or cotton pad to brush away any trimmed hairs and clean up the area.


Remember to check both eyebrows as you trim to ensure they are symmetrical and well-groomed. While you work, avoid over-trimming, since it can result in sparse or uneven brows.

Is Trimming Eyebrows for Men Any Different?

The basic principles of eyebrow trimming are the same for both men and women. However, men may have different preferences in terms of eyebrow shape, thickness, and overall style. Here are a few things to consider when trimming eyebrows for men:

Maintain a Natural Look

Many men prefer a more natural style when it comes to their eyebrows. Men’s eyebrows are generally thicker and have a more rugged appearance compared to women’s eyebrows, so stick to that.

Avoid overly thinning or shaping the brow arches, as this can result in an unnatural appearance.

Account for Facial Hair

Men often have beards or mustaches, which dramatically impact the overall appearance of their facial features.

Take into account how the eyebrows blend in with other facial hair and make sure they complement each other. The face has to look balanced on the whole.

Follow the Brow Bone

Men’s eyebrow trimming often focuses on enhancing the natural shape of the brow arch. Use the brow bone as a guide when cutting eyebrows, and avoid trimming too much above or below it.

Keep It Simple

Men typically prefer a more low-maintenance approach to eyebrow grooming. Avoid overly intricate shapes or excessive grooming that may appear too stylized.

Stick to a simple and natural look that enhances the eyebrows without looking overly deliberate. You also want a look that’s easy to maintain.

How Does Cutting Eyebrows with Scissors Work?

Cutting eyebrows with scissors is a basic eyebrow trimming technique. It involves cutting away excess brow hair length to achieve a more polished and groomed appearance. Here’s how it works:

You will need a pair of sharp, small scissors specifically designed for trimming eyebrows. They’re typically made of stainless steel and have ergonomic grips. You’ll also need an eyebrow brush or spoolie.

You need to start with clean, dry eyebrows. Wash your face, cleanse any makeup residue, and dry with a towel. Then comb your eyebrows in their natural growth direction. Identify which hairs will need to be cut back.

Using the scissors, carefully trim the wayward hairs along their natural growth line. Avoid cutting straight across, since this can give you a blunt and unnatural appearance. Instead, cut the hair at an angle.

This is called the point-cutting technique. It removes bulk from the hairs, allowing layers to seamlessly blend together to create a more textured and natural look.

When you’re done, brush through your eyebrows again to see if they’re neat and even. If you notice any escaped long hairs at this point, point-cut them away. Check that both eyebrows are symmetrical. Then brush away any brow hair residue from your face and clean up.

Once you’ve achieved the desired length and shape of your brows, you can style them using eyebrow gel, pomade, a DIY brow tint, a brow lamination kit, or other eyebrow products to set them in place and achieve your final look.

How Does Trimming Eyebrows with Clippers Work?

First, gather your tools – the clippers, a mirror, and an eyebrow brush. Just like when using scissors, you need to start with a clean and dry brow area. Then you need to comb down your eyebrows in the same direction they naturally grow.

Next, choose the appropriate length guard. Many eyebrow clippers come with different length guards or similar attachments. Choose the right one so you’ll trim your eyebrows to the desired length without going overboard. Remember, you want to maintain an overall natural look.

Hold the clippers at an angle, parallel to the skin, and carefully trim in the direction of hair growth. Use short, gentle strokes and avoid cutting too close to the skin. Trim only the long hairs that stick out, and avoid over-trimming. Remember to check both eyebrows as you go.

Once you’re done, check to see if your brows are symmetrical. Clip any potential wayward hairs that escaped your clipper the first time around. Then clean up and style your eyebrows whichever way you like.


It’s important to be careful with clippers since they can remove more hair than you intend to. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific clippers you’re using. Start with a longer guard and gradually work your way to a shorter one if needed, to avoid trimming too much hair at once.

Best Eyebrow Trimming Tools

The quality of your brow trimming tool is just as important as your technique. We hand-picked the top 3 eyebrow trimming tools on Amazon, one for each category: scissors, clippers, and trimmer.

See which one would best fit your needs and brow styling preferences:

Emilystores Shining Crown Scissors

The Shining Crown craft scissors by Emilystores are specifically designed for grooming your brows and lashes. They’re made of stainless steel and have a curved head with pointy blades, perfect for point-cutting.

These scissors are sharp, precise, and suitable both for DIY brow stylists and professionals. They’re durable and allow for very accurate trimming. Best of all, they come with a neat little protective cap so you don’t hurt yourself on the pointy blades.

EMILYSTORES Scissors For Eyebrows
Seki Edge Eyebrow Clippers

Both the blade and the comb of these clippers are made out of stainless steel, so they’re durable and easy to maintain. The comb of the clippers neatly separates the hairs for increased accuracy.

The Seki Edge clippers have an ergonomic handle, so the whole process is more comfortable and convenient. As a bonus, they can be used to thin out and groom facial hair as well.

SEKI EDGE Eyebrow Comb Scissors
Dapsang Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

This eyebrow trimmer is suitable for both women’s and men’s grooming and comes with a few extensions that let it tackle various hair growth besides just eyebrows. It comes with two types of comb guards for four different lengths, and the double blades are highly precise.

The Dapsang trimmer is cordless and USB rechargeable and has a handy LED light, so your grooming needs are covered wherever you are. Most importantly, it’s hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin.

SEKI EDGE Eyebrow Comb Scissors
Eyebrow Trimming – Main Takeaways

Eyebrow trimming is a quick and handy way to groom your brows, which can be done both at home and at a salon.

Trimming at home offers convenience, cost-effectiveness, and full control over the process, but comes with a higher risk of mistakes and less polished results compared to professional trimming.

Salon services, on the other hand, offer high expertise, customized results, additional services such as tinting or threading, and time-saving benefits, but can be more expensive overall.

The best way to trim eyebrows depends on your personal preference, but the basic principles of eyebrow trimming are the same for both men and women. Use quality tools, trim in the direction of hair growth, and make sure the result is symmetrical but natural.

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