Eyebrow Tweezing: Tips and Best Practices

Discover tips for efficient eyebrow tweezing, along with best practices for styling and aftercare. As a bonus, we cover eyebrow regrowth options too.

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Eyebrow plucking is such a simple and versatile grooming method that most people just decide to do on their own. It’s easier, more cost-effective, and more convenient when you don’t have to make brow appointments every few weeks.

That said, it does require patience and experience. PMUHub collected the best practices and some extra tips on eyebrow tweezing to help you get your ideal brow look with minimal hassle. Let’s get right to it.

Is Tweezing Eyebrows at Home a Good Idea?

It certainly can be! Many people opt for DIY eye brow plucking as a way to include free brow maintenance in their regular routine. If you want to do the same, it’s important to understand the correct way to pluck eyebrows to avoid potential mishaps.

Generally speaking, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • The tools you use
  • Your tweezing technique
  • How much you pluck
  • The shape you give your brows
  • The aftercare
Best Practices for Plucking Eyebrows

Shaping eyebrows with tweezers might seem simple at first glance – grab, pluck, repeat – but there are a lot of factors to consider. You need a keen eye, a steady hand, artistic sense, patience, and most of all, a feeling for when to stop.

Let’s take a look at all the important steps to follow when plucking your brows at home:

The Tools

The first step in plucking your own eyebrows is to make sure you have the right tools. Sure, you can grab any old tweezers and a clean mascara brush, but that won’t give you the best results. Invest in quality right from the start.

First, get a pair of tweezers with slanted tips. Those are ideal for precision when shaping your brows. It’s important to choose tweezers that are sharp to minimize discomfort. Also, keep them clean to reduce the risk of infection.

As for the brush, the best option is to go with a spoolie. This type of brush is specifically designed for grooming brow hairs.

The Technique

To begin, brush your eyebrows upward. This will help you see the natural shape of your arches and identify any stray hairs that need to be removed.

Your grooming session will require plucking bottom of eyebrow and plucking top of eyebrows in varying proportions. How much you tweeze from where will probably change with every touch-up.

It’s crucial to have a clear vision of the look you want to achieve before you start plucking. Consider sticking an inspo picture to your mirror so you can compare shapes as you go.

Remember to hold the surrounding skin taut with one hand. The best way to pluck eyebrows is to grip the hair as close to the root as possible and pull it out in the direction of its natural growth. If you pull directly upwards or at an angle away from the skin, it’ll be more painful and you risk ingrown hairs.


Be very careful not to overpluck! It’s easy to get carried away and remove too much hair.

As a rule of thumb, you should pluck only the stray hairs outside the natural shape of your arches. Resist the temptation to tweeze too much from the top or the bottom. While thin brows are a trend, you don’t want to give yourself irregular sparse patches.
The Shape

When it comes to plucking eyebrows shape is an essential factor. You have to pick the right arch silhouette for your face and eyes, otherwise you’ll end up with an unnatural result.

There’s a correct way of tweezing eyebrows for everyone: your ideal brow arch will depend on your natural facial contours. The goal is for the height and angle of the eyebrows to balance out the silhouette of the face.

You can find out all about the ideal brow shape for you in our Eyebrow Style Guide for Every Face Shape.

What to Do After Plucking Eyebrows

After you tweeze your eyebrows, you should take some steps to care for the irritated skin and protect your new tidy look. Here are the basic rules of eyebrow plucking aftercare:

Avoid Sun Exposure

Your skin will be more sensitive to UV rays immediately after tweezing, so protect it. Use sunscreen with a high SPF, and consider wearing large sunglasses or a wide-brimmed hat to shield the brow area.

Avoid Makeup for 24 Hours

Skip the concealer and similar products in the plucked area immediately after tweezing. Makeup can clog your pores and hair follicles and might increase the risk of infection.

So, let your skin rest and heal naturally for at least 24 hours before you go back to your makeup routine.

Don’t Touch or Rub

After plucking your eyebrows, it’s crucial to keep your fingers away from the area for a while. Touching or rubbing can introduce bacteria to the freshly plucked skin and may lead to irritation or infection.

Keep It Clean

If you need to clean the area, use a mild, alcohol-free cleanser to get rid of dirt, oil, or makeup residue. Avoid using harsh cleansers, soaps, or exfoliants, as they can further irritate the skin.

What to Put on Eyebrows After Plucking

First, keep up with your moisturizing routine. It can help promote recovery and prevent discomfort. Choose a gentle, hydrating moisturizer and apply it regularly to keep the sensitive skin in the area nourished and healthy.

Second, choose soothing skin care products to reduce any potential redness. Look for products that are specifically formulated for sensitive skin, and that contain gentle ingredients such as aloe vera or chamomile. Avoid those that contain fragrances or exfoliants. 

Best Tweezers for Plucking Eyebrows

We know your eyebrows are important to you. After all, they frame your eyes and are a defining feature of your face. That’s why it’s important to use quality tools in their grooming.

PMUHub did some research and here are two of the best plucking tweezers that eyebrow enthusiasts swear by.

Best Single: Revlon Expert Slant Tweezer

The Revlon expert tweezer is meticulously angled to bring you optimal precision. It has a textured non-slip grip for increased security, and its superior tension allows for an amazing level of control.

This particular model is ideally suited for fine tweezing, grasping the soft little hairs that might otherwise escape. Best of all, they’re built to last – Revlon offers you a lifetime guarantee on these tweezers.

Hair Removal Tweezer by Revlon
Best Kit: Ludoupier Tweezers Set

This eyebrow tweezing kit comes in a nifty travel case that lets you carry your beauty tools wherever you go. The set has four different tweezer models: flat, angled, pointed, and slant.

They’re all made of stainless steel, built for accuracy, and easy to clean. The protective case is leather, so it’s going to protect your tweezers from dirt and damage, and you can count on it to last a long time.

LUDOUPIER 4+1 Tweezers Set with Travel Case
Do Eyebrows Grow Back After Plucking?

Typically yes, they do. However, everybody’s hair regrowth rate is unique, and the same is true for eyebrow hairs. Most people have to wait 30-45 days for new eyebrows to emerge after plucking.

The catch is in the removal method: remember that eyebrow tweezing removes the hair straight from the follicle, root and all. That means that the new hairs have to go through the entire growth cycle from scratch.

For most people, post-plucking brow growth takes a couple of months. For more detailed insights into the brow growth cycle and how long it takes them to grow back, check out our in-depth guide on eyebrow regrowth rates after different grooming methods.

Can Over Plucked Eyebrows Regrow?

Theoretically they can, but it all depends on how much damage has been done to the follicles and how long it’s been going on.

Things that could potentially help your eyebrows grow back include:

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Eyebrow regrowth oils
  • and serums
  • Natural remedies
  • Hair growth
  • supplements
  • Prescription
  • dermatological
  • medication
  • Collagen induction
  • skincare
  • Transplantation surgery

If milder measures like lifestyle changes and supplements don’t help, contact a pro and ask about collagen induction treatments. They’ll probably point you towards microneedling.

What About Extreme Cases?

In cases of extreme over tweezing, where there’s no hope of your brow follicles ever recovering, you can look into undergoing an eyebrow transplant – a surgical procedure that involves taking a strand of body hair and grafting it into the brow area to cheat your body into thinking it has active eyebrow follicles again.

If none of the above works for you and even the eyebrow transplants don’t take, you can turn to cosmetic tattooing.

Procedures like microbladingnanoblading, or combo brows can give you the appearance of eyebrow growth even if the hairs themselves refuse to come back.

The best way to avoid all this hassle is to simply not over pluck your eyebrows in the first place. If you’re not 100% confident in your tweezing skills, just go to a professional esthetician.

Is Professional Eyebrow Tweezing Worth It?

Well, yes and no.

If you’re already experienced with the tweezers and used to grooming your arches into the shape you want, making an appointment at a salon probably doesn’t make much sense for you.

Of course, you certainly can go to an aesthetician if you just can’t be bothered sometimes, or if you want to make extra sure that your eyebrows will be perfect for a special event.

If you’re not entirely confident in your plucking skills yet, booking an eyebrow tweezing appointment at a beauty parlor might have more value. Pluck your own eyebrows for daily maintenance and practice, but leave the styling for important occasions to a pro.

Best Practices for Eyebrow Tweezing – Main Takeaways

When it comes to plucking your own eyebrows, good tools and careful technique are key. Invest in some quality tweezers, a nice eyebrow brush (either angled or spoolie), and make a point of practicing.

Take the time to figure out your face shape, because that will dictate your ideal brow arch. Until you become absolutely confident in your eyebrow tweezing skills, consider relying on professional estheticians for grooming right before important events.

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