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Microblading As A Career Choice

Navigating the Prospects: Is Microblading a Viable Career Choice?

Unveiling the Essence of Microblading

Microblading, a prominent form of permanent makeup (PMU), has surged in popularity as a sought-after cosmetic procedure, primarily focused on eyebrows. This overview aims to decipher whether embarking on a career in microblading is a wise choice and outlines crucial considerations.

Understanding Microblading

Microblading entails cosmetic tattooing using delicate blades to apply pigments to the skin’s surface layer. The result is a semi-permanent effect, lasting between 2 and 10 years, tailored to individual preferences and facial features.

Why Microblading Commands Popularity

Beauty and Longevity:

Microblading offers a beautiful, long-lasting, and low-maintenance solution.

Empowering and Natural:

It empowers individuals by addressing issues like hair loss, and providing admirably natural-looking brows.

Pros of a Microblading Career

No Degree Needed:

Embark on the journey without the need for a formal 4-year education; learning can commence after a few months of practice.

Different Workplace Options:

Choose between joining a full-service beauty salon or establishing an independent microblading business.

Flexible Hours:

Craft a schedule based on personal preferences, with treatments averaging 2-4 hours per session.

Creative Work:

Enjoy a creative outlet with diverse clients, offering constant learning opportunities.

Empowering People Through Beauty:

Experience the rewarding aspect of enhancing self-worth through microblading treatments.

Cons of a Microblading Career

Requires Specialized Training:

Specialized training is imperative, and quality courses may involve significant costs.

Time-Consuming Learning Process:

Dedicate several hundred hours to practice and master the art, marking a time-intensive learning curve.

Costs for Solo Artists:

Launching an independent PMU salon involves overhead costs for studio rent, supplies, marketing, and more.

Is Microblading a Good Career Choice in 2024?

Absolutely. The thriving beauty industry, particularly in PMU, suggests a continuous demand, positioning microblading as a lucrative and fulfilling career choice.

Does It Pay to Choose Microblading as a Career?


  • Microblading treatments in the US can command fees ranging from $200 to $2000 per appointment.
  • Earning potential varies based on factors like experience, reputation, location, and working hours.

Average Salary:

The average salary for a PMU artist in the US hovers around $60,000 – $70,000 per year.

How to Become a Microblading Artist

Getting Certified:

  • Enroll in a certified PMU academy offering microblading training courses.
  • Obtain a certificate of attendance and, upon successful completion of a test, receive a certificate of completion.

Getting Licensed:

  • Research and fulfill state-specific licensing requirements.
  • Acquire knowledge about safety procedures, equipment sterilization, and other health-related aspects.

Getting Practical Experience:

  • Seek practical experience through apprenticeships, which may be legally required in some states.
  • Gain additional insights and confidence to prepare for client interactions.

In Conclusion

Microblading emerges as a promising career choice, offering a blend of creativity, flexibility, and financial rewards. While it demands dedication and initial investment, the potential returns are substantial. The profound impact on people’s lives and the continual enhancement of skills contribute to making microblading a gratifying and fulfilling profession.


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