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Mastering the Art of Requesting Reviews for Your PMU Business

In the realm of permanent makeup, mastering the craft is only one aspect of a successful PMU career. Another crucial skill involves client interaction, specifically the art of asking for reviews. Building a thriving online presence and attracting potential clients hinges on your ability to navigate this process seamlessly. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the significance of reviews, how to request them effectively, and how to handle the entire process with professionalism.

Importance of Reviews in PMU

Building Trust

Clients meticulously research before opting for PMU treatments. Reviews play a pivotal role in building trust by showcasing the experiences of previous clients.

Enhancing Online Presence

Reviews complement your online presence, offering potential clients valuable insights to make informed decisions about your services.

How to Ask for Reviews

1. Explain the Significance

Clearly articulate why reviews matter to your business and how they benefit both you and potential clients.

2. Be Confident, Not Apologetic

Express gratitude for their consideration without appearing overly dependent on their goodwill.

3. Avoid Excessive Pressure

Request reviews respectfully, limiting your prompts to once or twice. Persistent pressure may result in generic or insincere feedback.

4. Simplify the Process

Make the review process straightforward and quick. Provide links and step-by-step instructions if necessary.

5. Promote Honest Feedback

Encourage genuine reviews and refrain from influencing clients’ opinions. Honest feedback, even if critical, holds immense value for improvement.

How NOT to Ask for Reviews

Avoid Incentives

Steer clear of offering gifts or discounts for reviews, as this may lead to low-quality and insincere feedback. Authentic reviews carry more weight.

Platforms for Online Reviews

Google Business

Essential for visibility, Google reviews appear on Google Maps, aiding local searches.


Utilize your business page on Facebook for reviews, considering its familiarity to clients.


While not industry-specific, Yelp is widely used for various business reviews.

PMU Central Find

Claim your free business page on PMU Central Find to showcase reviews to a targeted audience.

Handling Bad Reviews

Private Communication

Address negative reviews privately, seeking to understand and resolve the client’s concerns.

Learning Opportunity

Consider negative reviews as learning experiences, identifying areas for improvement.

Reporting Fake Reviews

Report unjustified or fake reviews for potential removal.

Showcasing Reviews on Social Media

Create Visual Posts

Design visually appealing carousel posts featuring reviews to showcase on social media.

Share on Feed

Share these posts on your social media feed to reach followers and potential clients.

Final Advice

Consistent Approach

Be consistent in asking for reviews and integrate them into your social media strategy.

Continuous Improvement

Utilize feedback, both positive and negative, to continuously enhance your services and client experiences.

Asking for reviews is a fundamental component of establishing an online presence and attracting clients to your PMU business. Maintaining a balance of professionalism and gratitude in your approach contributes to building a positive reputation and trust among potential clients.


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