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Microblading Mastery: Navigating Challenges in the Permanent Makeup Business

Microblading and permanent makeup businesses are facing intensified competition, posing challenges for owners striving to elevate their services and attract a broader clientele.

The Struggle with Underqualified Competition

Launching a successful permanent makeup business comes with the constant challenge of contending with underqualified competition. With self-taught individuals entering the market at lower prices, licensed artists find themselves justifying their expertise and pricing to maintain their client base. Stricter licensing laws are suggested to ensure that only properly trained professionals can offer microblading services, emphasizing the importance of safety and quality.

Addressing the Consequences of Fixing Another’s Mistake

Correcting the mistakes of undertrained technicians proves to be a considerable challenge in the permanent makeup industry. Trained artists often find themselves rectifying unsatisfactory results from inexperienced practitioners. While corrections are essential, they demand more effort and concentration than starting a job from scratch. The prevalence of removals highlights the importance of experience in delivering successful microblading services.

Navigating the Dilemma of Stubborn Clients

Dealing with clients fixated on a specific look, often inspired by celebrities, can lead to challenges in achieving satisfactory results. While client input is valuable, it becomes problematic when clients refuse to heed the artist’s advice, resulting in unsatisfactory outcomes, numerous touch-ups, and potentially negative reviews. Emphasizing the importance of considering various facial features, skin tones, undertones, and hair colors, artists stress the significance of collaboration to achieve optimal results in microblading procedures.


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